Vienna Choeur Claye Vocale
Vie du Chœur
Dimanche 30 mars 2003
Concert de "Voices - Chœur International" à Claye-Souilly
Spirituals & Gospels, sous la direction de Bonnie Wooley, avec la participation du Chœur Claye Vocale
Voices - Chœur International
Direction : Bonnie Wooley
Ride the chariot
Goin' to Bethlehem
Great day
Go down Moses
My soul's been anchored
Fix me, Jesus
Poor man Lazrus
Little David play on your harp
We shall walk through the valley
Ezekiel saw the wheel
Ride on, King Jesus
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Plenty good room
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
Ain't got time to die

Voices & Chœur Claye Vocale

Amazing Grace
The storm is passing over
Deep River
Oh when the saints go marchin' in